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We are experienced:Who we Are

Our trained, skilled and professional consultants have accumulative experience of 15+ years in dealing with debt management, banking disputes, trade settlements and forfaiting matters. Our Managing Director, Mr. Muhammad Faisal Nur has 15+ years of experience in managing and leading business development, sales and marketing departments. During his carrier he has served many local and international clients for their debt management. He has provided his services to individual to big companies, trade and business settlements, corporate loans, etc. His expertise beside his team of experts provide top-notch consultation services for debt and over-dues management, forfaiting services, marketing management and credit reviews. Our professionals will craft a clear and comprehensive strategy for your debt management and provide a secured-debt less future. Our debt management comprises of your income and expense analysis, evaluation of investments and debts and sustainable synchronization between your income and debt payments.

We are Global:

People face many financial disputes at individual and organizational level. The complications of such disputes vary on the basis of situation, level, organizational structure and legal aspects of the matter. Financial issues of a business or a company and its legal aspects are more critical than that of an individual; thus it requires in-depth knowledge in the field to deal with such matters. Moreover, the financial disputes expand over territorial boundaries, when trade or international business deals are the subject, the complexity of international disputes are critical than any other financial dispute. Our financial experts have hands of experience in dealing with matters which spread over two or more territorial jurisdictions. Our managing director Mr. Muhammad Faisal Nur has 15+ years of experience in dealing with tran-border debt issues. Moreover, our director banking disputes, Mr. Arif Siddiqui, is an expert of banking disputes. We provide debt management, forfaiting and marketing services in UAE and US; while looking forward to expand over Europe and Asia, as well. If you have any financial dispute in UAE or USA, no matter wherever in the world you live we are here to provide you with best services. On the basis of our expertise, we claim to resolve all your debt related issue within due time. We are working in 200 plus countries around the world.We

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In case of legal issues:

Sometimes financial disputes require legal steps for their resolution. Thus we have law firms associated with us to deal with all the legal aspects of your financial disputes. We have local and international associates to assist our experts over the legal matters. Moreover, our associates provide with all the legal services required to resolve your financial disputes.We have been working