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Dubai Debt Collection

Debt Collection in Dubai, UAE

In the UAE, debt collection services are in high demand for the preservation of company assets and reputation. Our expert team in Dubai offers these services, adept at retrieving your bounced cheques and unpaid invoices, among other debts. The process can be challenging and lengthy, but we are seasoned in all areas, including negotiation, oversight, collaboration, and amicable settlement. Our role is to keep your cash flow steady, and ensure your unpaid debts do not become bad debts

Efficient Claim Collection

Our services extend to both B2B and B2C claims against debtors. We are conscious of the status our clients hold, and hence operate in a lawful and professional manner. Our target is to recover all claims while preserving the business relationships you value.

Trade and Receivables Collection

In scenarios where businesses face jurisdictional limitations, we step in. We offer assistance to recover all dues from their customers in exchange for services and goods provided. Our expert debt collectors understand the nuances of trade transactions and the process of receivable recovery. If necessary, we are equipped to escalate matters to the court, offering all legal support needed. Our international reach enables us to locate and approach debtors on your behalf.

As a professional debt recovery agency in Dubai, we act with utmost responsibility. We can collect debts resulting from the following situations without jeopardizing your business reputation or relationships:

Unpaid Invoices:

Unpaid invoices pose a significant concern for businesses and independent contractors, as they impact profits and consume valuable time in follow-up efforts. The issue escalates when debtors become unresponsive.

Bounced Cheques:

Referred to as “Dishonored” or “bad cheque”, this can occur in individual or commercial transactions, encompassing areas like rented property, purchases, and loan payments to banks or other lenders.

Breach of Contract:

A contract breach arises when one party fails to fulfill any or all parts of an agreed contract without a legitimate excuse. This could include payment for services as per the terms outlined in the contract.


In cases where a business has a claim against an individual, such as hospital bills, government debt, insurance, loans, etc., Business to Consumer collections are necessary.


Business to Business collections involve two business entities. The collection process in this scenario requires a more nuanced approach due to the business relationship.

The process of recovering debts in any of these cases can be daunting and time-consuming. Our debt collection agency in Dubai excels at negotiation, oversight, collaboration, and amicable settlement, ensuring the efficient recovery of due amounts and steady cash flow.

Real Estate & Construction Debt Collection Services

Our offerings in this field are comprehensive, including:

  • Structuring a claim complete with all relevant costs and a detailed financial analysis.
  • Reviewing, assessing, and analysing any outstanding receivable claims.
  • Evaluating costs associated with project extensions and delays.

Thanks to our international reach, we’re proficient at securing your real estate payments wherever they may be.

Our legal professionals excel at tracking down debtors and approaching them in a tactful manner to recover missed payments.

Contract Claim Services

Our expert team delves into the details of contracts to identify any financial obligations. We can provide you with accurate and lawful advice to determine any claims you may have against others. We also offer services to collect these claims on your behalf using effective strategies.

Moreover, we can assist you in identifying and resolving any financial obligations you might have under contracts. This service is designed to prevent any potential legal actions against you or your business and to maintain your good credit standing.

Financial Services (Mortgages, Collateral, Loans, Credit Cards & Others)

Our legal experts are well-versed in the laws and various facets of both business and personal life. Our debt collection team operates professionally, representing our clients in a refined manner. Whether there’s a need for financial receivable collection or someone requires assistance in settling their obligations with lenders, we’re here to help.

While debt collection is always our primary focus, we aim to resolve issues through settlement to prevent all parties from facing lengthy and costly court procedures.

Even though mortgage properties are guaranteed by the mortgage provider, it can sometimes prove challenging to track down a defaulter, or the mortgage provider may wish to maintain their B2C or B2B relationships without compromise.

Our debt collection experts understand our clients’ needs. From debt management to arranging feasible payment plans, we’re here to assist all parties based on their specific circumstances.

Insurance Debt Collection From subrogation to premium collection, we can support your insurance-related collections. We achieve this through arbitration, legally ensuring the insurer’s position is satisfied as needed.

Medical Debt Management

Medical debt collection or settlement is a delicate process, governed by laws that safeguard the debtor’s rights in these cases. Our experienced debt collection professionals adeptly manage these cases, providing guidance to debtors to help them fulfil their obligations.

Trade and Other Receivables

Almost every business encounters trade debt, and maintaining business relations can make the collection process more challenging. We strive to understand the reasons behind unpaid debts in B2B relationships and formulate a strategy based on these insights. Our approach minimizes the need for legal action by employing tactful debt recovery techniques.

Salary & Wage Collections

We undertake this type of debt collection by scrutinizing existing contracts. Claiming debts without a contract can be tough, but our legal team investigates thoroughly to find evidence that could motivate the debtor to fulfil their obligations.


Debt Recovery Telecommunication service providers often resort to dunning to collect overdue payments from clients. Handled incorrectly, this process can result in harassment and potentially create more problems for claimants. Our debt collectors rely on professional, legal methods, utilizing soft skills and preserving the reputation of the claimant while recovering overdue payments

Utility Debt Recovery

Whether it concerns unpaid invoices or claims on security deposits, we are well-versed in the dynamics of business-to-business and business-to-client relationships. We’re here to professionally assist you in reclaiming your rightful funds.

We also offer support in resolving your overdue payment disputes to safeguard your credit score from potential harm.

Out-of-Court Settlement Assistance

Whether it’s a financial disagreement between business partners or sensitive family matters such as inheritance disputes or alimony issues, our experience in handling settlements is extensive. We recognize the delicacy of relationships involved in these cases. That’s why we offer expert assistance in recovering claims from such settlements, particularly when they’ve been agreed upon outside the court.

Services for Debt Recovery in Dubai

Credit Assessment Credit reporting has become increasingly significant in this region, whether for businesses or individuals. When seeking to secure a loan or financial assistance, screening the applicant through a credit check is crucial. We provide not only comprehensive credit reports for your clients but also use our legal and expert knowledge to help you understand the credit score’s implications on the risk or reward of investment or loan approval. We also offer expert advice to businesses and individuals on interpreting their credit score and suggest ways to enhance it.

Background Verification

 In addition to credit checks, we offer thorough background checks that you may need before appointing an employee to a key position or leasing your property to a tenant. We conduct detailed investigations into the criminal history and character of a particular individual, enabling you to make informed decisions and mitigate potential risks.

Document Drafting & Review

Having gained an in-depth understanding of debt collection complexities through our experiences, we’re well-equipped to assist lenders in safeguarding their rights. This involves providing drafting services for credit agreements or credit facility letters. We strive to create or review legal documents in a manner that ensures our client’s lawful claims are protected in the event of a breach of any part of the agreement.

Knowing the Right Time to Engage a Debt Collection Attorney:

You may need to consider hiring a debt collection lawyer if you find yourself in the following circumstances:

  • You’re facing unusual delays in receiving payments.
  • The debtor is consistently ignoring your communications or giving no formal response.
  • Negative signs begin emerging from the market regarding your debtor.
  • It’s essential to remain alert and not let the situation escalate beyond control.
  • Being proactive in handling debts is crucial to maintain healthy cash flow.
  • Avoid offering the debtor unnecessary extensions in their payment deadlines.

If you’re encountering any or all of these situations, it is advisable to engage a debt recovery agent in Dubai, or a receivable collection agent. Skilled receivable collection services possess the expertise to handle financial issues effectively. They can help make secure decisions in the most beneficial and feasible way.

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